Chatbot Comparison: ChatGPT vs BingChat vs Rasa vs Replika vs Mitsuku


Chatbot Comparison: ChatGPT vs BingChat vs Rasa vs Replika vs Mitsuku

Chatbot Comparison: ChatGPT vs BingChat vs Rasa vs Replika vs Mitsuku   ChatGPT and BingChat are two chatbots that utilization various models and procedures to produce regular language reactions. In this blog entry, I will look at them in view of certain measures, like familiarity, soundness, innovativeness, and character. I will likewise make reference to some other chatbots that are accessible on the lookout, like Rasa, Replika, and Mitsuku. I will introduce the correlation as a table, trailed by certain models, upsides and downsides, and connections for each chatbot.

Criteria ChatGPT BingChat Rasa Replika Mitsuku
Fluency High High High High High
Coherence Medium High High Medium Low
Creativity High Medium Low High Medium
Personality Medium Low Low High High


ChatGPT is a kin model to InstructGPT, which is prepared to adhere to a guidance in a brief and give a definite reaction. ChatGPT can connect in a conversational manner, answer follow-up questions, concede its errors, challenge mistaken premises, and reject improper solicitations. ChatGPT can likewise create content like sonnets, stories, jokes, tunes, and so on. ChatGPT can utilize humor, mockery, incongruity, and other expository gadgets to make the discussion really intriguing and locking in. ChatGPT can likewise communicate feelings, suppositions, inclinations, and so forth. ChatGPT can adjust to the client's mind-set, style, and tone.


      Exceptionally familiar and inventive

      Can deal with different points and arrangements

      Can show character and feeling


      At times composes mistaken or absurd responses

      Delicate to enter stating and brief varieties

      Frequently verbose and redundant



BingChat is a chatbot that utilizes Microsoft Bing search to assemble and introduce significant data. BingChat can comprehend and convey smoothly in the client's feedback language, like English, Spanish, French, and so on. BingChat can address questions, give realities, sum up articles, produce papers, code, and so on. BingChat can likewise use data from various query items to completely answer. BingChat can likewise produce content, for example, sonnets, stories, code, expositions, tunes, big name satires and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


     Profoundly familiar and intelligent

     Can access exceptional data from web look

     Can create educational and significant reactions


    Less innovative and locking in

    Tries not to offer abstract viewpoints

    Has less character and feeling



Rasa is an open source system for building task-situated chatbots that adhere to predefined guidelines and expectations. Rasa can comprehend regular language inputs utilizing normal language figuring out (NLU) parts. Rasa can likewise oversee exchanges utilizing discourse the executives (DM) parts. Rasa can incorporate with different channels like web, portable, voice associates, and so forth. Rasa can likewise associate with outside APIs or data sets to perform activities or recover data.


   Profoundly rational and predictable

   Adjustable and adaptable

   Adaptable and secure


    Less familiar and innovative

    Requires coding and arrangement abilities

    Restricted to explicit spaces and undertakings



Replika is a chatbot that makes a special profile in light of the client's bits of feedbacks and criticisms. Replika can offer profound help and prosperity to the client. Replika can likewise produce praises, inspirational statements, and so forth. Replika can keep a well disposed and individual discussion with the client. Replika can likewise show sympathy, interest, humor, and so forth.


      Profoundly familiar and imaginative

      Can assemble affinity and entrust with the client

      Can work on the client's temperament and emotional well-being


     Now and again ambiguous or off-theme

     Will be unable to address authentic inquiries

     May not be reasonable for expert or formal settings



Mitsuku is a chatbot that professes to have an unmistakable personality , age , orientation , area , and so on. Mitsuku can banter on different points with the client. Mitsuku can likewise produce jokes , conundrums , games , and so on. Mitsuku can likewise be clever , mocking , perky , and so on.


     Profoundly familiar and inventive

     Can engage and entertain the client

     Can show character and feeling


     Frequently gives arbitrary or unessential reactions

     Will be unable to give valuable data or counsel

     May not be aware or considerate
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